Sex Crime Attorney in Oakland

Although in criminal charges, the truth may not be readily evident. This is particularly true in cases involving alleged sex offenses. The motives of the alleged victim can be different from what they appear at first glance. Our sex offense defense lawyers in Oakland believe that everyone who has been accused of a crime deserves a strong and effective defense attorney. We will aggressively defend our clients who have been accused of all types of sex offenses, these may include:

Upon taking your case, we will do everything possible to defend your rights and freedom.

Defense of Sex Crime Allegations

When defending any person who has been accused of a sex crime, we will thoroughly review the evidence such as:

The review of evidence can be extremely helpful to your defense; our legal team will develop additional evidence with the help of a private investigator, DNA expert or other professionals. We will examine any issues having to do with witness credibility, motivation and entrapment.

Our primary goal is to put you in the strongest position in order to be able to obtain a dismissal of charges, exoneration at trial or an acceptable plea bargain.