Oakland Criminal Defense Attorney

Oakland Embezzlement Defense Attorney

Typically embezzlement cases usually involve large quantities of money, ranging anywhere from tens to hundreds of thousands to even millions of dollars. As a result, penalties for such felony offenses are consequently extremely severe. These penalties can even destroy an individual's career and family.

If you are under investigation or are formally being charged with embezzlement, seeking immediate retention of services from an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney is highly advisable. Our legal team has the essential experience in defending clients charged with serious felony offenses.

We concentrate our defense strategies on pre-file intervention and we have been able to successfully resolve many cases before any charges were filed. Although, if formal charges have been brought against you, our defense lawyer is an extremely powerful advocate dedicated to protecting your rights and freedom. We represent mature clients facing accusations of embezzlement in Oakland, Ca.

We provide aggressive representation to clients who are under investigation or have been charged with embezzlement. This includes allegations of:

Fraud – Is the involvement of the intention to commit fraud, theft, or other crime of deceitfulness.

If you or a loved one is being accused of embezzlement in Oakland, Ca give us a call. Our experience and dedication will enable us to obtain a favorable outcome to your embezzlement case in Oakland.