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Drug Crimes Attorney in Oakland

Many crimes involve controlled substances. Some of these crimes include:

Typically the first concern in any drug case in Oakland is generally if the officers ‘seized’ or obtained the alleged controlled substances illegally. Should the officers have committed an illegal search and seizure violating the Fourth Amendment, the evidence may be suppressed.

The Fourth Amendment requires the officer to have reasonable doubt. So living in a high-crime neighborhood is not a justification to be searched. It is not sufficient evidence that you are nervous when encountered by the police officer. Except if the police officer had reasonable suspicion that you were engaged in criminal activity when you were stopped, the evidence they retrieved should be “suppressed” and should not be used against you at trial.

Scientific evidence is also utilized in a drug case in Oakland. It is significant that scientific evidence and testimony of experts be observed with a critical eye. It is essential to examine the collection, preservation, and analysis of the evidence used against you in a drug crime case in Oakland.

Drug prosecutions may also often involve informants, undercover police officers, and experts that will be testifying as to whether a particular supply of drugs or controlled substance was intended for sale or for personal use.

When a defendant admits to having a drug problem and wishes to obtain help, many alternatives are available instead of a sentence to prison and jail, such as:

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