Oakland Criminal Defense Attorney

Juvenile Crime Lawyer in Oakland

One of the many specialized interests of criminal defense is juvenile defense. We have considered it part of our job to assist in turning Juvenile offender’s life around at a young age.

If you are looking to hire an experienced defense lawyer to defend your son or daughter who is facing a juvenile crime contact our offices in Oakland, Ca. We represent clients throughout the county of Oakland, Ca. We will defend your young son or daughter with the same determination that we do for adult criminal cases.

Our juvenile crime attorney is committed to maintaining your child out of the system. Often, many juvenile offenses can be:

Our Criminal Attorney Helps Client Get On Track

Our primary goal is to help adolescents stay out of juvenile hall, county camp facilities, and the State of California Youth Authority (CYA). We pride ourselves in help out teenagers in need and getting them back on track.

Our juvenile defense attorneys work hard to get our clients on the right track in their own communities; we encourage them to make wise decisions through their journey in life.

We feel that it is crucial to educate a juvenile defendant about the realities of the juvenile criminal justice system. Often, this involves scare tactics, so they can see the truth. We tell it to them like it is. We represent our juvenile clients as single-mindedly as we do for adult.

If your underage child is being charged with a criminal offense, obtaining a qualified defense attorney who can help you bring your child home is essential. Our Juvenile criminal defense lawyers are here to assist all those e in Oakland, Ca.