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Oakland Misdemeanor Attorney

A misdemeanor charge is the lowest category of crime, though some misdemeanors are more serious others.  In general, any misdemeanor is punishable by a nominal fine and up to a year in jail.  The penalties for a misdemeanor crime will depend on the crime itself. Decrease your risk for facing any penalties by appointing the Oakland Criminal Attorney to represent your case.

A misdemeanor charge could be anything from a violent crime to a theft crime.  Drug offenses and sex crimes ca be considered misdemeanors as well.  Whether nor not your crime will be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony depends on your criminal history, the crime itself, and the details of the case.  Punching someone will likely be a misdemeanor assault crime; but if the punch caused serious injuries or death, the charge will be bumped up to a felony.

While every case is different, the ultimate goal is not---to get the client the best sentence possible.  The Oakland Criminal Attorney believes in thoroughly investigating each individual case to uncover every angle for the strongest defense.  If any false accusation, negligence on the part of police officials, or corruption of evidence is discovered, these facts will be taken to the judge immediately to reduce your charges or get them dropped all together. 

In the cases where a client will probably be found guilty, this client can rest assured that the Oakland criminal defense team will barter with every available asset to reduce their sentence.  Not every misdemeanor conviction has to result in jail time.  Depending on a client’s criminal history, we may be able to negotiate for substantially less time in prison or even a jail alternative sentence such as a work furlough.  

If you are a facing a charge for a misdemeanor offense, appoint an attorney with a proven record.  Contact the law office of the Oakland Criminal Attorney today to begin your case.