Probation Lawyer in Oakland

Have you been charged with a motion to revoke probation in Oakland?

Consequently, if you are being charged with violation of probation will lead to extremely serious penalties. You may even be facing a jail sentence or federal prison time. If a person is out of jail or prison on probation or parole, and the individual does not comply with the conditions of probation; then they can be charged with the violation of probation in Oakland, Ca. As a result they individual will face jail or prison sentence for the violation of the conditions of supervised release.

Obtaining an experienced probation violation defense lawyer for your case is highly recommended. You will need the knowledge and experience of a qualified defense lawyer, not that of a public defender. Don’t leave your freedom and loved ones at the mercy of an inexperienced public defender; instead hire a probation violation attorney who will aggressively fight for your rights.

Our law Firm has represented numerous clients who have been charged with probation violations in Oakland, Ca. Our experienced probation violation defense lawyer will aggressively represent you in court. We understand the importance of your freedom and how important it is for you to be with your family members. So don’t take a chance and give us a call for a consultation to discuss your probation violation case.

If an individual fails any of the following this can be a violation of probation:

Nonetheless, if justifying conditions which contributed to the failure to comply with probation conditions. You have a right to bring the evidence necessary to your probation violation hearing to prove these conditions (such as illness), in order to defend against probation violation charges against you.