Robbery Defense Attorney in Oakland

The legal definition of robbery is – the unlawful taking of Property from someone else against their will by force. The use of force may be with a deadly weapon or by physical force. Our experienced and skilled robbery defense lawyer will challenge the robbery charges against you; we can help you to avoid a conviction charge or negotiate a plea bargain to reduce jail sentence.

State of California Robbery Laws

Robbery is legally divided into First degree and Second degree robbery.

Federal laws for robbery are different and come with a variety of punishments such as:

Given the seriousness of such consequences for committing a robbery it is highly advisable to obtain a skilled robbery defense attorney in Oakland. We have obtained the knowledge and skills through the years to assist you in your robbery case. Our legal team is here to assist individuals with criminal charges in Oakland, Ca. We will aggressively represent your case in order to protect your rights and your freedom. Our goal is to achieve favorable results for your robbery case in Oakland.