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Domestic Violence Attorney in Oakland

Additionally to the criminal penalties, a conviction of a domestic violence can have severe consequences to your life. A domestic violence conviction will prevent you from

A conviction will limit your career options or can also lead to the loss of your employment. Considering what is at stake, avoiding a domestic violence conviction is highly advisable.

We defend individuals who have been accused of criminal domestic violence charges. As part of our practice, we represent individuals in civil restraining order hearings as well. We will use our experience to protect your rights and freedom.

Civil Hearings

A person may be accused of criminal domestic violence, although there is not a restraining order. Often, in many cases the alleged victim will first seek to obtain a restraining order which will prevent or limit contact. Due to the implications for your custody or visitation rights and your living agreement, you may not attempt to represent yourself in a civil hearing. It is very unlikely that you prevent an order against you; you may say something which will guarantee the issuing of a restraining order.

Our domestic violence defense lawyers in Oakland will provide you vigorous representation at your hearing in order to protect your rights. We aim to prevent the issuing of a restraining order.

If you or a loved one has been arrested for domestic violence, our law firm can defend you against the allegations in court. In every case, we will seek the best possible outcome to these charges.