Oakland Criminal Defense Attorney

Oakland Parole Violation Attorney

When a new arrest results in a parole violation, it may require our Oakland Parole Violation lawyers to appear in two different proceedings: the new case and the parole violation. Often, they are in different courts.

If the parole violation is for a felony there will not be a bail set at the time of arrest. While it is difficult to get a bail set on a felony parole violation, there are compelling circumstances like loss of a job, or children who need to be cared for, our lawyers will make every effort to convince the judge that a bail should be set.

Should the client on parole for a misdemeanor, he or she is entitled to have a bail set on the violation as a matter of law.

Our Criminal Lawyer Can Help Resolve Your Case

It is very important that the new case and the parole violation in Oakland be resolved at the same time. Often, a disposition in the parole violation will result in the new case being dismissed or no jail sentence imposed.

Our parole violation defense lawyers are experienced in representing people who are on parole and pick up a new case and we work effectively with the judges and district attorneys in both matters to get the best possible result for the client.

If necessary for the client to stay in custody because of a no bail parole hold, we work quickly and efficiently to resolve the case so that the client spends the least amount of time in jail.